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Welcome to my website. My name is Mathieu and I am a freelance photographer. My main activities are Fineart, Landscapes and Visual. I am based and available in France (Lyon and Paris). I do some workshops, exhibitions and guiding with some local agencies. As I travel all over the world, I have a very special and personal style. My inspiration comes from  all the local people and countries I met. My work is available for personal as well as for professional purposes. I can add value to your work with some exhibition for example.

"Think before act" is my device.

On going projects

I have many on going projects. The major projects include a book on Vietnam, a book about some major cities around the globe and cinematographic-type / fineart in Black&White projects.

Exhibitions for your event

If you are a professional and you need something to add-value to your events, we can planify an exhibition. If you are looking for a special themes which you didn't find, you may contact me. If my work is in accordance to your wish, you can rent my work for example.

As a professionnal, you are certainly looking for good looking decoration for your desk and workplace, several themes and projects are available.

Touring / Tutorials

My main activity is based in France in the town of Lyon. Due to my work, i have the possibility to travel and discover lots of places in France, Europe and at the international. You can use my contact form if you wish to have hints about some places and some photgraphy tutorials. I provide some photography tutorials in the surrounding of Lyon; contact me for information.

Sales & Services

Prints :

You can visit the shopping page at this place : shop

Services :

All prestations can be found : in English or French(Français)

Some publications :

- "World of contrasts". I publish this book after some suggestion from an old project. In this magazine, you will see an alternative photography. You will have a new concept and artistic representation that highlights graphism in all our surroundings from urban to nature. It is available here with a few pages preview. Details in the blog section (july 2018).

- "VietNam, La grand boucle du Nord : entre montagnes, rizières et ethnies" is a photography report about the North of Vietnam. You can buy the magazine format.

- "On the road of wild Tanzania" is based on an African trip.You can buy the book or magazine.



-[Book] "World of contrast"

-[Book] "VietNam, La grand boucle du Nord : entre montagnes, rizières et ethnies"

-[Book] "On the road of wild Tanzania"

-[Cover] Flickr about Panorama Wide-Angle City with a picture of NewYorkCity by sky. The picture can be found here.

-[Cover] Flickr about Panorama Wide-Angle City with a picture of a sunrise over NewYorkCity. The picture can be found here.


- Nikon contest in 2016 and exposed during the "Salon de la Photographie" in November 2016 in Paris for the "Danse Macabre"

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