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Here, you will find news, tutorials and reviews of some gears. I will also give the idea behind selected pictures.

Summer 2020

Happy summer to you all ; take care in these strange times !

You can follow my updates on my pro-FB page with this link.


- 3 new photographies are set in the news gallery (here) and available to buy (email me) :

Highway to Hell ; Crossing my life ; Urban snake

Ant men

March - June 2020

[Updates of june]

- Apocalypse on Dubai has been added in the travel / city there page

- Website improvement (overall)


Hi all ! I hope you are doing well in this very difficult period. As every one, all activities have been seriously impacted and slow-down. It was a time to anticipate and get ideas for the future. Let's try to comeback ASAP and the more naturally as possible. Here are a few recent news and features.


- On Instagram, a work I did last year got plenty of attraction. This picture of a famous place in Amsterdam can be found there. I like the way this architecture has some round shape so to have some personal interpretation, i put all the curves in diagonal. It gives a twist to the picture. Another one that had some nice impressions is a reflection took at the main central station in Amsterdam also. The picture has been featured there. This station is connected to the airport and when i arrived in town, i was just attracted by the shape of the structure with its own reflection. At midday, the shadows were lying on the floor just in between the arches.

- On flickr, shattered skies get the grind. I will put some colored version on the site soon. My last trip before the Covid19 shut us down (see below) was in Dubai. I wanted to hve a dramatic skyline with the tower at the end. The black & white is very strong for that (the color version gives more an apocalypse mood). More than 5k view, not so bad. It can be found here.

[Travel report]

For the last travel of the first part of the year. I did a small week in Dubai. The main features of Dubai are : the tower Burj Khalifa, some nice buildings (Burj El Arab), the skyline, the marina and the desert of UAE. I was curious even if there some lifestyle i am not a big fan. I decided to stay near the Burj Khalifa district which is the business district. My stay was divided in days focused on each district. Photographers are not really welcomed in this town, many places were forbidden: only smartphones picture were allowed.

The view from Burj Khalifa is not so bad: the best time is to go from mid-afternoon to sunset. The sunset is not really on a good side, it is on sea with no real feature from the city. The other side is good with a view over the big highway (quite impressive with nearly 30 lines !).

As i was expecting to see the desert, i decided to go for sunrise. The desert around Dubai is a reservation area so it means it is protected. It didn't give a too natural landscapes but it is a good experience for a little day with some nice patterns on the sand.

The marina is also a nice place to visit. The problem as everywhere, lots of guards providing you to take picture with a DLSR so prepare to use your smartphone; but with that you'll be ok: i did 15 minutes with my iphone in front of one buding to take the good orientation and view, a guard nearly followed and watch me during the time ...

Here are a few images, enjoy. Click on each to open in big size. The BTS can be found there.

January - February 2020

[Travel report]

Hi all; the begining of the year has been very busy from different travels and works in Asia. As every year, i went to Vietnam (Hanoi and Mekong) and also i decided to visit a new place in Asia : TaiPei.

I was curious about TaiPei for sometimes as i did a few transit through the airport when i went to Philippines in 2015. TaiPei belongs to China and is famous for its night market. It is place with lots of aerial highways, some chinese temple and lots of chinese food market. The place is teeming with local small shops and is very dynamic. It was a quick week end and wa worth the short trip. Enjoy the next photos (first row for TaiPei)

The second part of my asian trip was of course Vietnam once again. I decided to go back to the south (Mekong) in January. January is the best period for south Vietnam, the temperature is warm and not so wet... In the south, we enjoyed some nice boat tour, some floating market at dawn and some nice landscapes of Rice and lower mountains near the boarder of Camboia.

The corresponding photos are below on the second row for Vietnam south.

Now I am off to some new destinations !


Winter 2019 -2020

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays ! Thanks again for the support.


- Yosemite at dawn has been added in the USA travel section here.

- Black room updated here with : "Incoming", "Salt marshes" and "Silent for so long"

[Travel report]

The last work trip of this year was Madrid the captal of Spain. When speaking of Spain and cities, two citie comes first in head : barcelona and Madrid. Other towns in the South are also worth a visit like Granada and Sevilla for example. Madrid is not as touristic as Barcelona and I decided to pay it a short visit to feel the place.

Madrid is filled with art also (the Prado is the most iconic example). But the town is radically different than Barcelona. Famous places to visit : Plaza mayor, temple of Debod, parc del retiro). Other graphic places with some nice towers to play with light is the four tower / Torre de cristal. An example can be found there. Personally for photography with graphism, street ... Madrid is better than Barcelona due to a more diversity of the districts. Here are some random pictures :

October - November 2019

[Updated galleries]

The follwoing galleries have been updated :

- News and favorites : 2 pics (Mordor judgment day) also included in here and there.

- Within europe : 5 pics Sagrada familia, Brittany and Hamburg (travel section)


-- The cover of the site has changed. The new cover in Black & white belong to a project that is under progress. When this overall work will be consitent, a gallery will be opened. This photography was done in the north west of France in brittany. In the region called Finistère. This region has a shape of a "3" and is composed of incredible seascapes with big rocks going into the sea making incredible triptic : sea - people - rocks. Considering this new cover, i really like the story it tells, this very far shadow walking and delimiting the dark and lbright part of the composition. The small path in white is drawing our attention towards this shadow.

- The best liked work on social media was "talk to my back" (in the courousel above or here). This one was taken in Barcelona by the end of summer. For this one, i wanted to have a hard shadow contrasting with some other shadows coming from trees. The idea was to take the shot from above. I found a spot near the beach of barcelonetta whcih was perfect.

[Travels report]

During this year, i decided to travel in Europe in a few places. In this update, you will find some news about Britany (France), Barcelona / Badalona (Spain) and Hamburg (Germany).

The finistère district in Brittany has a lot to offer all time of the year for incredible landscapes and culture that inspired many legends (king, haunted forest and spirits for example). You can find in the deep region some very nice castle like the one below (Chateau de Trécesson).

Concnerning Barcelona, people come here for parties and art. Obviously you will fin a lot of art from Gaudi, like the Sagrada Familia, the parc Guell, the Paulo de la musica ... all are some incredible piece of arts and worth the travel. Some nice place for nature and beach can be found outside by simple transportation. Personnaly, as you may have seen previously, i really enjoy the Pont del petroli (located in the north of Barcelona in Badalona). This small bridge is well oriented for all sunrise during all the year, the small rocks in front of it are giving always a kick to the photos.

The last picture below is from Hamburg (Speicherstadt). I really enjoy a big week end work in Hamburg. It is quite similar to Amsterdam in some ways by its chanels. But it is in my point, more interesting and more relaxing. Less tourist, more peace and less "garbage" everywhere. The harbour is also very interesting. As you see on the picture below, the buidlings are done with red rocks and the industrial shape of the city gives a really interesting charm of this city.

Summer 2019

Prints, collaboration and workshops are available. You can contact me always through the contact info or through the different social network. Thanks to all for the support. Here are the new updates.

[Website updates]

It has been sometimes since a good update. Works added in the galleries, new cover ...

- [Cover video]

After a few month with a vietnamese introduction video, it is time to change to another place I really enjoyed : the Yosemite national park. In this introduction, you can see some of the wonderful places inside the Yosemite like El captan, Half Dome, Yosemite falls or tunnel view. Of course, the waterfalls are really imrpressive. I did all this work in black  & white to highlight nature power. Hope you really enjoy this as much as i did to create this work. Here is the link

- [Galleries]

Major update. I just added some new contents in all galleries and travel sections.

In the "US by Mat", you can find new photographies of SanFrancisco. A new photography of the HaLong bay can also be found in the "Through Asia". As for Europe, Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhaguen have been added to the "within Europe" as well.

In the galleries, you can find some fineart (natural or studio) novelties.

Freedom has been inserted in "the black room".

"News and Fav" is also updated.


This summer, i decided to travel through some of Europe's famous town. After some great work in California, i decided to focus on some other projects on graphism within cities.

For that, i worked in Copenhaguen, Berlin, Amsterdam (a few more to come by the end of the year).

Copenhaguen is famous for its nordic and scenic canals and architecture. This city is nice for a long week end, the disctrict are very different. The "Nyhavn" district is famous for the small house on the small canals, also nknown as the tourist postcard.

Berlin, known for all its parties is a really surprising city. It is a must do for all who wants parties, architecture (Brandeburg gate, Reichtag, Marie Elisabeth Lüders Hauss), history (Holocaust memorial) and museum. For my part, i really loved that city, for street photography and architecture, it was really a nice trip to go there. (Check the fineart gallery in the future !)

Who doesn't know Amsterdam ! The capital of the Netherlands is so much touristic that you can't miss this town for the parties, the legal smoke and shrooms, red shops and also the famous canals. For my part, I wen there curious for a 2 days trip. I appreciated the sunrise over the canals and the peaceful moments where the red sun plays with the shadows.

Europe tour

April - May 2019


- New work updated.

I just added 3 new photographies in the news&fav gallery.

        Against all odds (here in the black room)

        Lost in sunset (here in the landscapes)

        Shadow of the colossus (here in the fineart)

- Best of pic of the week. "Mountain of ghosts".

This photography, you can watch here, has been taken in the Yosemite park. The mountain edges are so sharp that when the mist is flowing, it gives some pretty scary moods. You can find some nice place (easy to accesss) like the tunnel view (in the morning) for example.

[Travel & project]

During April, i did my second trip to USA of the year. It is my second time in California. This time, i went to SanFrancisco and beging a long time project on the US Natioanl Parks. I began with the well know "Yosemite". For this work, i was with the local Yosemite mountaineering School. SF is a really nice town with different district. As it was my first time (but not long, only 3days) I tried to feel the city by staying in not toutistic place (to avoid union square to be precize). I focused more on some unusual photographies qith graphism and also some few classics (like the Golden Gate, the bay bridge and califonia street). But my main purpose was the Yosemite for a big week. I went with the YMS for some backpacking; between hard sun and some rain, this week was incredible and i keep in touch with Andrew. I will comback again in the future in another season that's for sure.

Yosemite in April is a good season for backpacking : not crowded, a good weather, lots of water for those who love waterfall it is delightful. Mirror lake, Hetch hetchy trails are incredible and you understand as soos as you arrive with YOSEMITE is so much appreciated

Here are some first photos of this trip. In the order : Tunnel view, hetch hetchy and the Golden gate.



March 2019


For my first asian trip of the year, I continue my work and report on Vietnam. This time, i went in February. As always, i visited Hanoï for some business and then I discovered a new part of the country: Tay Nguyen / the center highlands.

The TayNguyen part of Vietnam is very less touristic than the rest of the country. For vietnamese, this part is the kingdom of coffee. The landscapes are composed of small mountains, some rivers and waterfalls and of course some rice fields.

TayNguyen is a good place for trekking.

My trip began from Buon MaThuot to Pleiku and Kontum. As it is for me a new discovery, i did some report alternating between ethnies (Bahnar, Edée ...) and some landscapes.

Here are some photographies to share with you the diversity of this region. The first photography showing some kids playing in from a big shaped house has been taken in a Bahnar village. The big house is the public house where all the village gather to make celebrations.

February 2019


Three new photos have been added in the news&fav gallery. These photographies represent black and white landscapes and the idea of very long exposure:

The idea of long exposure is either to get light :

1) in a low light environment (city at night for example) or

2) to do some light painitng (light trail of cars in a city at night) or

3) to blur a landscape.

For landscapes, it is very efficient with water and waves or with moving clouds. Here are a few words how to do LE :

To get long exposure, you need a sturdy tripod adapted to the ground (sand, rocks or road).

if you do longer exposure (more than 30seconds), you need a remote.

Finally, if you want to do LE with the sun or during the day, you need some stop filters like NISI, HOYA or Lee.

To get an idea of a shoot, you can look in my BTS. Here are examples of classic and LE exposures of the same subjects.


- The cover page has been updated with a preview from a report of North VietNam. You will travel through the rice of MuCangChai and Sapa through the famous HaLong bay.

This month, i will explore once again Viet Nam, from the capital Hanoi, we will explore a part less touristic with lots of encounters. The region known as TayNguyen or cental highlands is well know for its coffee fields. Some ethnies are also present like Mnong and Edé.

This trip will begiin from BuonMaThuot trhough Kontum from the 16th to 22nd of February.

While waiting for my report, why not enjoy this trailer composed

of my work in the North in the region of

NinhBinh, MaiChau, Sapa and the famou HaLong bay.

Enjoy this trip to VN

Vietnam : from war to culture

January 2019

[Welcome to 2019]

I hope the begining of this new year will make your wish come true. I sincerely wish you all a happy New Year.

This new year begins very well here. Lots of projects all around the work, some exhibitions in progress and many more. Let's stay tuned.

NEXT TRIP : VIETNAM, Tay Nguyen (February 2019)

For this first month, here are some news.

- 2018 finished in the streets of New York City, with lots of black and white photographies. (see below for some examples).

New York City is in constant renovation. The city changes all time.

For this year, i decided to focus on graphism and streets.

You can find inspiration always on some site like Instagram or 500px for examples.

In my case, i decided to work around the MOMA museum (inside),

the subway and the Oculus.

- Some pages of the site have been reorganized : the gallery and the travel sections.

- Don't forget to keep in touch in various social networks :

         * Daily : IG , FB or Twitter

         * For photgraphy : 500px (black&white) or flickr

NYC december 2018

December 2018


As you may know now that i focus more and more about graphism and fineart in Black & White, I decided to create a sixth gallery about that.

The new gallery is focused on my Black & White work.

There, I will show graphism and shapes and stories in B&W with shadows. Enjoy :


As it will be the last update of this blog for 2018, I wish all happy holidays. Catch with lots of news for 2019. Bye until then :)

[Roma 2018]

To begin the last month of the year, i decided to travel to Roma. The city is known as the city of seven hills, Roma is often seen as an open space museum. A camera in one hand and the other with a phone to search for nice place, i decided to walk by the city for a big week end.

Roma in december is really nice with less people and a good weather

I arrived at the Fiumicino airport and get to town through the train "Leonardo Express" (count 30minutes around). Just arrived in the center of Roma (Termini station), no time to waist and off to Piazza di Spagna to feel the city. After this crowded but very nice place, I decided to visit the Villa Borghese to get a bit air and relax a bit before the sunset. To do the sunset, i searched on the internet many places and depending on the sun, i chose the Terrazza del Pincio to get a big view over the city and the Vatican (arrive 30-45 minutes before is highly suggested). And WOW what a show (see below) ! During the night, I went to the Tiber and went south over the Castel Sant'Angelo. I finished with some famous place like the Trévi fountain and the Coloseum. For the night, i decided to stay inside the Rione i Monti district.

During the second day, i visited from the Coloseum to get the sunrise and i did more street photography inside the difefrent district randomly to see the beauiful places.

What can I say. It is really like a museum, you turn your head in each place and you see ruins and statues everywhere.

The center part is not really huge but your feet will feel all the stairs.

And what about the Coloseum, i would just say:

it is huge and full of people even at 7am waiting for the opening.

Roma 2018

[BOOK] Don't forget that the last version of my book "World of contrasts" is still available here. If you want to order it directly, send me an email : mathieu@mathieuo-foto.Com

November 2018

[SHOPPING] I put some evolution to this website. The main new section is the shopping page located here or on top of each page.

In this section, you can order my work which is available as :

- Prints with or without framing

- Desktop products

- DIgital download only for personal use.

If you want to use my work for advertizing or commercial, send me an email : mathieu@mathieuo-foto.Com

October 2018

[News] This month, I did some work in the south of France in the famous "Gorges du Verdon" and surroundings.

The "Gorges du Verdon" place is usually called the "French colorado" and the "French Grand canyon" due

to the similarities with their homonymes in the USA National Parks.

Deep gorges give so much impression and gives really a good taste of the diversity of the France landscapes.

I really enjoy the gorges due to the diversity of the landscapes, the small villages (for example: Moustiers Sainte Marie) at the edge of the mountains and with the sun of the south of France. The red sand in this region is really nice and contrasts a lot with the calcite rocks. But if you want ot go there, choose well your time because in summer, it is overcrounded ... I found that the begining of autumn is a very nice time.

[Best of the month] The photography called "Too Long" you can find here has taken the most imprssion. Don't forget to check my New release page for my recent work.

Below are some photographies taken from the trip to the Gorges du Verdon.

Have fun and enjoy :)

September 2018

[Best of Summer] The best photography on social media is awarded to "Stare in your eye" (photography below or here).

This picture has been taken in the Cap Fréhel in Brittany (France) during the sunset.

This part in France is known to possess incredible shores near the ocean. To be more precize, this is the Manche (sea) that is between France and England. This region of Brittany is also known as "Côtes d'Armor".

For the composition, i wanted to have a silhouette, in the borader of the shore in altitude. You can notice that the silhouette lies at the same time near the horizon of the water and sky and is positionned on the mountain. The incredible shape of teh clouds strenghen the dramatic scene.

And as i can say: "Enjoy" :)

July 2018

[new book] "World of contrasts" is available to buy in magazine format. This magazine is composed of around 40 photography from my old INVersion project. After some contests, I had some review on this work and was suggested to publish it.

World of contrasts is based on the idea that everyone see the world differently.

So, in order to increase that feeling, i used a technic to reverse all contrasts

of my photographies. In this magazine, you will see and think differently.

This technic increases th feeling in images, it gives another vision similar

to some mangas or as a futurist world. Some photos are free for preview here.

As some says, don't judge a book by its cover. In this case, it gives a good idea about what you will find. Here it is :

Untitled photo

[Picture of the month] The picture of the month is attributed to "Another chance". You can see the picture on my various social networks, on IG for example.

To take this picture, I was in Montreal in Canada.

This place is full of small parks with lots of nature.

I wanted to have the sunset.

I check the position of the sun on my phone apps and found

a location known as "Parc René-Lévesque".

I went in advance to scout the place. I found on the edge of the place some stones

near the water and a perfect view for the sun going down.

And then... it was in the box.

You can find the BTS here in the gallery behind the lens.

[Montréal] Back from my first trip to Canada. I have been visiting the town of Montréal for one week. The city belongs to the Québec part that speak french in Canada. Located at the boarder of the Saint Laurent river and next to the state of NewYork of the USA, this city attracts people from all the world. During July many festivals occurs.The city is very very wide.

For that trip I decided to focus more on some street and nature photographies. The main center around the harbour (clock tower here) is very nice with lots of district (all are different). There is also a very big park nearly a forst called the Montroyal with a big view over the city (see the pic below by night). Other interesting features are natural park within the city, a olympic stadium and an amazing botanical garden (below). I never saw such a big one, absolutely beautiful and worth.

Below : Sunset at the Park René Levesque ; city skyline from the Montroyal ; Chinese garden at the botanical garden

[Best of] Not so often I mention Twitter. The photography that earned the most impression (more than 1000 in two days) is Light and thunder. This digital photography of Chicago skyline can be compared to the Death Star base in StarWars. Many way to see it like up and down, a gate to another world, like blood through veins .... Enjoy

[Numbers] Back to black and white. Recently, I did a few mini project for interior decoration. Here is one of the those projects called : Numbers. In this mini sery, i wanted to play with simple urban shapes and shadows to represent numbers from 1 to 3. Hope you'll like it.


June 2018

[Roller blade, part 2]

Here is the second part of my small project I did a few days ago in London. This second and last part is focused on gestures, poses and movements. Roller blade is an incredible sport like ice-skating, it requires a lot of skills from all the body. While the legs held to stand the hands and top body help to keep equilibrium. To enhance this, i choose to represents in this second part all the poses in black and white : ENJOY :)

[News: about the roller blade, part 1]

I made a mini-project on sports recently. During my last visit in London. I had the chance to meet some really cool guys in a skate park near London.I decided to make a mini project this day with my creative mind. During a sunny day, the light is very hard with strong shadows, so you have either too find a good place to shoot or use the shadow efficiently. I decided to focus on black and white. I shot for details and shadows. Here is the first part, I hope you enjoy it as much as I had to make it.

Part one : The dark roller blades: skills and dance

[LONDON work]

All my trips to London are special. Between markets, the subway and all places, not to mention sunday brunch, this city is really the place in Europe. This time, i had the chance to do some sport photography, to shoot some very graphic images and work for a medical cause : Breast cancer to support a friend. (See my facebook page)

The London Eye is just located in the center of London

on the other part of Westminster bridge (Big Ben).

From there, you can have a nice view over a part of London (Picture below).

The best picture on social network for the month of May is "Chicago". You can see it here or in the carousel at the top of this page. Chicago is well known for architecture and all things in town. The emergency stairs on the wall of buildings are perfect for photography. The best is when the sun goes down and make strong shadows. Enjoy.


Untitled photo

Mai 2018

This month is dedicated to my work in Chicago.

Chicago is one of the biggest town in the USA. Located in the Illinois state and lying on the Michigan lake, Chicago displays a full variety of culture, art and style. It is a town worth a visit of a few days. The purpose of my work there was about architecture and lines. Between skycrappers and the aerial metro (the L), everything is a subject in itself. I did some really interesting new projects about shadows, back2black and visual concepts projects. I am so excited to show you here my work.

Check regularly the Gallery new releases for update. Stay tuned.


Untitled photo

April 2018

The best picture of the month of April is "The right spot". As always, it is displayed in the caroussel or here.

This photography has been taken in the south of Vietnam in Ben Tré district which belongs to the Mekong delta. Me and my guide were on a small boat looking for sunset in between palm trees. Unfortunatly, there were not any good direction for the sun. As we exit some small canals, the sun was right outside on the west. I shoot then a riffle of 10 pictures to get it right between the wood pillars.

As  always in photography, even when all seems to be done, keep always your gear out or at short distance.


Just cameback from Vietnam. This travel was focus for the first time to the South and the famous Mekong Delta. This region is very fertile and produce the majority of the rice in Vietnam. Among Palm trees, small rivers and the discover of a few park like TraSu jungle and Tram Chim forest, this trip was vast. The trip went from HoChiMinh City (Saigon) to BenTré-TraVing-CanTho then to ChauDoc and Sam Mount (near Cambodia). First pictures were posted here and here.

Stay tuned for more pictures.


Untitled photo
Untitled photo
Untitled photo

February 2018

This month, it was the time to discover some places in Europe. I decided to check the well known Lake district in England. Located in the North West of the city of Manchester, this national park is known for its lakes and mountains. It is a veryy nice place for families and also to make some good photographies :)

For that trip, I have work with Tom Hutton (see on my Facebook page)

who usually does Bike tours but he knows well the place. It was a great experience over a small week. Between mountains, hiking, mist, rain and even some sunshine,

we did a god work. I did some great fineart pictures.

I will post some in some galleries in a few moment. All prints are available, see the section about my services and prestations at the top of the page.

[News] The recent picture that attracted attention was "Dark times" which represents the reflexion of the top of a church in UK.

The "Dark times" picture can be found as always in the carousel above and also here in social network. This picture was taken in Manchester behing the Ryan Library. At the end of the street, there was this very old church I wanted to take a picture of. On my left, there was the entrance of the Ryan Library with a glass wall. There was a good reflexion of the church top in the glass. I took a long objectif and focus on the direct image and the reflexion.

Note :

For those who look at my 500px account, i will only dedicate that account to some Black & White pictures.

All the best


January 2018


I would like to thank everyone for your support. May this year be fruitfull of good things for you all. As for us, here, the year ended under some snow in NewYork City.

First time for me to be in the city with snow. It was lovely, a bit cold and great memories.

All the city filled in snow looks so great, walking in central park under the snow

and see children playing with snow ball in between horses feels so great.

Even some ponds where frozen like the one in Bryant park.

Let the pictures speak by themself.

Have all a great 2018 !


Untitled photo
Untitled photo

December 2017

The last month of the year is busy as ever. Several pictures have been selected and got  lot of attention. I have also some professional appointments with printers for the distribution of my books. I have created for 2018 small magazines called "Plaisir Visuel" that deals with different subjects.

The recently selected picture is called "Marina by night" and is an original picture

of the Marina bay in Singapore took by night. The marina is well in Asia

for all he colors by night. Lots of asian are wihing to go to Singapore

because it represents money and work.

The new magazine "Plaisir Visuel" is composed of 24 pages and costs less than 10$/magazine and is comming in 2018 and is a trimestrial magazine (only 4 numbers by year). Contact me for more information.

November 2017

[NEWS] The first version of the magazine about the north of Vietnam is achieved. it can be bought here.

If you need more information, you can send a message with pleasure (price, info...) using the contact form.

VietNam La grand boucle du Nord : entre montagnes, rizières et ethnies

"This book is a photography work that relates a big loop in the North of Vietnam. We will travel in this very rich region and discover the wide culture of the North road of this incredible country: between mountains, rice terraces and ethnies."

2017 / 17th November

[Social] The picture "SG architecture" had great reactions from the public and can be seen in my flickr account or IG.

About SG architecture (picture in the carousel above)

This picture was taken in 2016 in Singapore (SG). This place is famous in Asia for different reasons. In term of economic : second most richest city in all the world. In term of tourism: the city has grown very fast and the architecture is really modern with lots of illumination during the evening, amusement parks are also very attractive.

The picture was taken in the Garden by the bay in the marina in the back, you see the famous MBS (Marina Bay Sand) the most expensive and iconic hotel of the city. On the side, you can see a metallic structure called the supergrove trees which are trees (in metal) illuminated by thousands of LED.


October 2017

2017 / 27th October

This update to keep you informed. Travel to Vietnam is settled in 2018 : from the 7th of April to the 21rst of April in the following location :

- 7th to 13rd : Hanoi

- 13rd to 21th : south of Vietnam ; Saigon and the Mekong delta

Since last time, the pic of the week has a record more than 3.5k view and 160 likes on flickr. This picture can also be seen in the carousel above as always. The title is MuCangChai rice terraces.

Thanks to my friend Dung, we manage to catch real good images (send me an email for prints inquiries, we can organize a skype and i show you the images).The architecture of the rice terraces are unique and special to asia. The landscapes make some incredible images and the color change each seasons. These terraces are also beautiful filled with water during the rainy season.

This last days were also for me a new start of my big project i call "About ..." which is a cinematographic project with composition and small stories. More news soon.

Don't forget to follow me for day to day news on my socials (all links at the top of the page).

Thanks a lot for reading this blog. Have a great day.


2017 / 13th October

Fall is here in north Europe. Walking between the nice colors of Autumn is so fresh and cuddling. These last days, many travels in France to discover new places and try to catch these colors.

The colors of Autumn (yellow and red leaves are the best to photograpgh

and specially with the razing sun) I gives this special orange colors that everyone loves.

This week picture of the week is a Lotus picture lying on a small bath of water inside a temple. The picture is available here or in the Caroussel as always. It earns a lot of likes on my wall in 500px and a few retweets on Twitter.

The story behind the Lotus Picture.

I was visiting a small and really nice Village named Duong Lam with my fellow Dung in Noth Vietnam. We entered inside a nice shrine dedicated to Budha. The shrine was composed of a pre-room where we had a respectful Tea time with the Vietnamese man living here. Behing this entrance there were a small garden (patio) with a bath with "water lily" and some lotus flowers. The sky was grey so very good for nice reflection of the Lotus on the water. just turning around it by foot to catch the better angle and there it is : in the box !

(Be careful, I organize 500px so that my account doesn't contain more than 50 pictures, Flickr will have all picture as well as my Facebook).

Lately, I have been seen a lot by also some accounts like Nikon pro and all Nikon related accounts. Officially, I have my Professional license, so anyone can have contracts with me.

Last news. I want to update my blog sections to set links to some FREE TUTORIALS.

If anyone have ideas and wishes, you can send me a mail : mathieu@mathieuo-foto.com

Have a great week-end.


September 2017

2017 / 29th September

Last update of the month !

Autumn is here with some incredible red, orange and yellow colors. It is also the time to edit a lot. This week best rated picture was "Sapa summits" from Vietnam.

This picture was taken along with a good friend who guided me there : Dung. A lot happened, in Sapa and MuCangChai region between fall, motorcycle in some deep mud, climbing to get some nice spots for shooting.

This week was also the first time to be noticed by Nikon Pro, Fr and Europe. I hope they will notice more my work. That is a good start !

Another picture was set in the asian gallery. This Black & White picture of a young girl was taken in a Hmong village in the mountains of Dong Van. This picture is titled "Waiting". This young child was sitting next to her older sister who was weaving linen. It was so rich in emotion and the young child was playing in front of my camera : it was really amazing.

For best result open this picture in large / full screen.

Don't forget to use the link for my social at the top of the page. Thanks for your support.


2017 / 22nd September

Back to work !

This week has been very busy as always for preparing new trips (already), preparing a book and with lots of contact.

I've been contacted and in relation with a musical group to some pictures related to an upcoming album (stay tuned for info). Another interresting project can also be related to the famous "Game of thrones". We will have to find some ideas and locations.

Appart from these upcomming projects, i have been invited once again to Vietnam (Hanoï and Saïgon) for April 2018. If you want info about photography and traveling, you can send an email to mathieu@mathieuo-foto.com

This week was also rich in term of pictures. New picture of the week and lots of contents from the north of Vietnam for :

"Vietnam : from war to culture, the north road""

The picture of the week was taken in a small french island, from a place under natural protection for birds. The picture "First lights" (link) was taken during the sunrise over a lake and was obtained in 60 seconds. It is inside the Carousel of this blog. The BTS can be found also here.

You can find some BTS (Behind the Scene) of my shootings on my IG accound here.

This is all for this week; stay tuned for updates (see all the link at the top of the page for my social networkd). Thanks a lot for reading.


2017 / 15th September

Back from north Vietnam!

During more than 3 weeks, I travelled through the north of Vietnam for photographic work.

Between exploration, discovery and seeking new places good for tours.

As seen on this map (link), We began our trip in Hanoi and then went south through NinhBinh province and HaLong Bay for beautiful landscapes and preserved areas.

After this first week, we went near the Chinese boarder (East) toward the north from MauSon (mountains landscapes toward the chinese boarder). This place is not really touristic and known but really worth the (long) trip. then to the famous waterfall of Ban Gioc near Cao Ban. On this long road, we stopped and encountered many Vietnamese ethnic tribes. The north part of Vietnam is reallly known from all the different ethnies (Tay, Thai, Hlong, Dao ...). Finally, we rested near the big lake of BaBé for a relaxing moment with Tay people.Heavy storm was approaching from the Typhoon Hato comming from HongKong. This part finished in the DonVan district with some high mountains and famous river in between mountain at the MaPiLeng.

The last week was through Sapa district and MuCang Chai mainly to seek for great view over the famous rice Terraces. These regions are really incredible for landscapes, the architecture of nature is amazing there. This place is also famous for trecking.

A book will come : "Vietnam : from war to culture"

Sailing under the sunset on HaLongBay

Untitled photo

July 2017

2017 / 28th july

The picture of this week is a bit special. I will dedicate this week to two Vietnamese women Hương Hà and Huan. The picture can be see in the carrousel of this page or here.

In january 2017, I did my first trip to Vietnam and i had the chance to see the valley of Mai-Chau. I was welcome for a night inside their family. It was incredible to share a dinner within this family. This part is quite touristic but very nice to see. They belong to the white tribe of the Hmong. During the morning, i want to do a traditional picture (at the time, i just had my camera with no lights) with there traditional outfit. The result : plenty of colors and good "souvenir". Thanks again.

Now it is time to prepare for a new trip there, don't forget to follow my page here for daily news. Trip to North of Vietnam 15th august to 7th september. I will edit by the end of the year a book : "Vietnam: from war to culture"


2017 / 21st july

The picture of this week belongs to a picture of a sunset in manila. This is a farewell. This picture (here) was taken on the bay / harbour of Manila, the clouds wre playing with the sun and let the color turned in a blue orange style for the pleasure of the eye. This sunset is dedicated to a man who was dead and left a new born son called Nicolai, no explanation of that accident was given by the police to the family at the time: that is the realty of such poor countries. RIP to Ray on the 19th July 2015.

More to come next week about some trips and some travels in preparation :)


2017 / 14th July

This week, i tried to post everyday a picture in Black & White with different styles (Long Exposure, oversaturated, High Key, landscapes or urban). Each day, i change the location of the pictures as well as the main idea to put some news inside the timeline.

From London, NewYork, Paris to the Philippines and Singapore, my pictures were quite well viewed.

These Black & White (B&W) pictures represent

the world through modern architecture, nature and composition.

From very contrasted to smooth B&W, these images represent

the diversity of our world.

In all these pictures and among all the different apps, two were very well viewed and commented :

- Fixed in Time (here) was taken in the lake of Annecy (France).

- Amazing country (here) was shot in Panglao (Bohol, Philippines) under the sunset.

BTS available for Fixed in time picture (here) It was a long exposure shot.

For this shot, 2 ideas were important :

1) the composition with the third rule,.

Rocks end around 1/3 lenght of the picture and the shore starts at the 2/3 of the image)

2) The long exposure of the water for the wave to be smoothed

combined with the lines and perspectives given by the wood spikes and the mountains.

That's all for this Blog. Never hesitate to share and ask questions and comment on social such as FB.

Thanks for reading; have a great week end :)


2017 / 07th July

The Picture of the week is attributed to a picture of the Liberty Tower in NewYorkCity (here). I posted this picture the 4th of July for the Independance birthday of USA independance.

I choose this picture for its iconic symbol. You have 3 birds aligned which show a decomposition of their flight. They are positionned so that it seems they just go out of the Liberty tower. As for the tower itself it represent freedom against terrorists after the incident of the 9/11 disaster.

When you take a picture of a strong symbol, it is always best

to ad something special : people, animal, plant, or even some nice colors.

It gives this special taste and originality to your picture

Another picture have been awarded to be displayed in a specific group in Flickr (here) ; this picture display a bridge in the morning. This brdige link some island in France to the main land.

For composition, it is good to respcet the rule of the 3rd. Note on this picture (here). The ocean is at the third bottom and the bridge is at the third on the right. I did this way to create a dimension of infinity toward the horizon and to create deep perspective.

That's all for this week. Have a great week end.


June 2017

2017 / 30th June

This week picture of the week has been taken in Annecy (here). Annecy is a small town located in the Alpes. It is known for its preserved lake and located at the boarder of the mountains. The picture has been taken at the blue hour (just after the sunset). The city's light had just turned on. The picture has been taken on the famous bridge just in front of the lake. Because it was the begining of the night and the contrast was high, i choose to make 5 pictures to create an HDR.

HDR is a composition of several pictures with different

expositions (time or aperture)

It is very useful at night, in straight light or inside homes.

A small exposition will take details in high light and

a long exposure will create details in the shadow.

Another picture which was my favorite on socials has also been obtained by HDR: you can check it here. It is a shoot of the bones of an animal in the moutains. I saw the sun straight and i decidede to do an "american night" (for the blue color). To increase the oppression, i shoot at full angle (smallest focal in wideangle).

To conclude this week update, i updated the site with the picture "unleash" in the asia gallery (here). This HDR picture has been taken during a thunderstorm in Singapore. The storm was very intense.

To catch the thunder, I know i had to use a long exposure,

but i didnt had a tripod and aven't been prepared so

i put my camera on a bridge and did some shoot in automatic HDR.

Sometimes, you have to react fast so you can take shoots in good condition,

try all your camera configurations.

See you next week in July. Have all a great week.


2017 / 23rd June

Hello everyone. These first day of summer are marked by an incredible heat in france. But this week was productive as well. The picture which won the best reviews is "Trails in misty woods" on 500px, it can also be found here. The story behind this incredible night is this one :

We were driving back home through a forest by late night

and we saw this mist just outside the corner. The fog was really thick.

I took my tripod and my camera with a remote for a bulb shoot of a few seconds.

I open the aperture at maximum. As the fog was too difficult to focus,

i put the manual focus at infinite. I waitted for cars to pass and i release the shutter.

Another pictures that earned some nice likes was the "morning bridge" (here). It was taken in the summer of 2016. I always prefer to take picture in the morning. It can be hard to wake up but always great to have the picture you want. And, in the morning we are less annoyed and we can more focus without any disturbance. But be aware during summer of the water drops in the early morning :)

Finnally, i made some evolution of the website: i put a business section for people and projects going on. This link is limited to the people i work with.

2017 / 15th june

Bonjour à tous. This week was related to do some scouting for some projects and workshops.

One of the most popular picture of the day was on the lake of Annecy, you can find this picture here. The place was located around the lake of Annecy and i found it really promising for some future workshops. The perspective and the big lines going through the picture is really nice.

The horizon and lines are set to the third (third rules in photography)

help a lot to catch the eye.

My favorite picture is without any doubt the "bubbles on leaf" you can also find here. I love the tonality, the shape and all the lines on the leave. The bubbles make the impression of lenses. For this one, i used a flash and a micro objectif to be really near the subsject.

Finally, the site will evolve and propose some specific links for business in a few days.

Stay tuned :)


2017 / 9 june

Hello everyone. Here is the blog of the week. this week lots have happened as always.

Preparing my next move to Vietnam. The preparation is tight for a travel of a little more than three weeks. Between plains, mountains, rice terraces, Bay, it will bring a lot. The trip will take place only in the north. A book will surely come. For a preview, you can check some pictures here on the Asia gallery of my website or here on some social. The people are amazing :)

Worshops and photography travel  to Vietnam

will be organized soon (february maybe 2018).

Keep in touch

From a social point of view, this week brings two new links. A night shooting of a famous bridge in Lyon called "Pont Raymond barre" made a lot of impression on Twitter. For that picture i used a Manfrotto tripod. The only particular thing for this shot was the bridge where i was standing. I needed to put my camera above the water. So i turned the arm of the tripod at 90degrees.

Tip for tripod :

You can check if the the central column can be inclined to 90degrees.

It helps to shoot down for example or above the rail of a bridge

Finally, the most popular picture of this week on IG was a sunset on the famous lake of Annecy in France. This lake is really nice in between the french Alpes.

2017 / 2nd june

This week was the release of my website on the different social networks.

Since last week, i did a few travels in my country to prepare workshops.

I visited Annecy and the lake in the south part (Duingt castle). I find some places to share about LongExposure photography here. In that sense, you always can find on my IG account the behind the scene about the travels.

The post that made more likes in general was a morning sunrise above the skyline of NewYork which i called "What else ?" as a reference of the advertise of Nespresso. This picture can also be found there for a better definition. It has also made the cover (proof) of a groupe on Flickr about Panorama Wide-Angle City. The  idea, about this shoot i made in december 2016, was to have a good dynamic. I did 5 exposures and i merge them using Lightroom. I prefer the module HDR in LightRoom than Photoshop because it keep a more realistic image. I also used a tripod (Gitzo Traveler Kit). The sunsrise was really spectacular with lots of orange in the sky. The location was in the NewJerseyCity in front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Don't forget to follow me on each social network (link accessible in the top of the page)

2017 / 1rst June

Offical launch over the other social media

May 2017

2017 / 26th May

This week was a bit busy as ever. My best social picture was seen on IG here. This shot was planned as following, i wanted to travel light so i took my camera and my smallest (which was my first) prime lens : a 50mm F/1.8. This lens is really worth : good for portrait, standard focal for lot of purpose and of course very bright because of the aperture.For this picture i choose to have long focus (deep focus) with small aperture (F/10). As i shot in front of the sun i choose to expose in between short not to over expose the sun and long to get a bit light in the dark. I did a bit adjustment in Lightroom (very easy, nearly all auto).In term of composition, i put the rails and the sun at nearly third (3rd rules in photography)

2017 / 18th May

I put a review (6th May 2017) of the Nikkor Lens 105mm micro f/2.8 on Nikon USA. You can read it here. This objectif is designed for micro with a magnification of 1:1.In summary : a great lens, easy to manipulate at a moderate price (900$ / 900€). Very few spherical abberration. No distorsion until f/16.

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