In the shop section, you can choose either

1) Website prints, Click and order (you choose and pay online directly the product you want)

                                  - Print on paper

                                  - Framed

                                  - Desktop (decoration for your desk)

                                  - Digital

Prices begin at 19.99€ (be careful when you choose the size to adjust to the image)

2) Fineart prints, Limited edition series

The price, size and paper are fixed to be high quality. This is my best work organized in series. All prints are done in France and I will personnally review them and sign them before sending them to you.

Please allow between 1 to 3 weeks after you made the purchase for delivery.


Books are available here, you can find a brief description in the About section.


The shipping process is included internationnally for all purchases in "Website prints, Click and order".

In the particular case of FINEART PRINTS,the indicated price does not include any shipment. I will discuss with you directly which shippment we will do.


         - BANK transfer with IBAN or BIC

         - Credit Card

         - PAYPAL


When you purchase a print, you are actually buying the physical copy. Unless a specific contract, you are not allowed to scan, duplicate, copy, publish or resell the image without a written autorization. I will keep the right on the original image.


Your privacy is my main concern. None of the information that you give me will never be revealed nor shared for any purpose.


If you don't find what you want or if you have any inquiries send me an email or use the contact form :

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